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Our Programs

At Nele, we have a series of programs catered to various needs. With an eye on each child's learning style, our programs have been developed over multiple years of research.


Early Intervention

Our Early Intervention Programme is aimed towards identifying developmental delay risks in infants and toddlers. The programme is dedicated to recognise and meet the child’s needs in five areas. 

School Readiness

The School Readiness programme at Nele is to help children across early years. As part of the programme, children are assessed and readied with specific skills to help make their transition to school life easier.


Remedial Education

While both our early intervention programme and school readiness programme are foundational in nature, our remedial programme is for children who are already part of the schooling system. 

Pre Vocational Skill Development

Children with special needs often grow into adults with special needs. Limited attention to Pre-vocational skills such as communication and social behavior may hinder the adult’s ability to enter the workforce and live a productive, self-sustainable life. 


Teacher Training Programme

This programme enables teachers to understand and identify children with special educational needs in their classroom. They are helped to use different strategies such as curriculum adaptation, multilevel teaching etc to include such students in their classes. Teachers are also provided with details about different exemptions and concessions given by different boards.

We also train shadow teachers who can work as teacher-aides in the classrooms.

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 Life Skills Programs for Children 

Based on the WHO recommendation of Life Skills, under this program we equip children with life skills

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Shadow Teacher Program

This is an in-depth certification program to become certified shadow teachers.   The course includes theoretical and hands-on practical teaching method.

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Nurturing Special Talent Under NIOS

This program is for children who are unable to attend traditional schooling and opted for NIOS. We coach them to complete their boards along with pre-vocational and life skills.

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