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Shadow Teacher Program

The NEP 2020 seeks to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all” by 2030. It aims to ensure equity and inclusion in and through education by addressing all forms of exclusion and marginalization, disparity, vulnerability, and inequality in education access, participation, retention, completion, and in learning outcomes. For this schools will require shadow teachers. This program aims to train interested candidates to become shadow teachers.

Course Details

Course Module:

  • A 12 weeks certificate program.

  • The Programme includes 10 modules which cover an overview of 21 types of disabilities, RPWD ACT 2016, and different strategies to include children in various academic settings with more emphasis on hands-on training

  • Classes are conducted at Nele on weekends by specialists in rehabilitation and education.

  • Practical work can be taken in different special schools. Inclusive set up after prior approval from the program in charge.


  • Employment opportunities in schools to assist in the resource room. 

  • Opportunity to work in rehabilitation center & hospitals.


  • Minimum 10+2

  • Empathy & compassion towards special needs children.

  • Basic communication, reading & writing skills.

  • Creative & Innovative.

To Register 

Call: +91 9901029294/ +91 9880867411


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