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7 Reasons India Needs More CDCs (Child Development Centers)

“Every child is a different kind of flower that altogether make this world a beautiful garden”

Children are future of the country; Each child is unique when it comes to learning. As present citizen it is our moral duty to ensure that they are provided the best learning atmosphere, irrespective of any learning difficulties or disabilities. However, our present education system is not equipped to deliver on challenges faced by special needs children.

To ensure that each child gets the right opportunity, it is critical that all cities and towns in India get access to Child Development Center. India has around 10-12 % of school-going children identified with developmental delays or some form of learning disability. Today, though big cities have access to CDCs or something equivalent, small towns and rural areas are ill-equipped or have no access. Due to this, for many children, the problems go unidentified, and they have to suffer lifelong.

We give you 7 reasons India needs more Child Development Centers or CDCs. Before we delve into the reasons, let us help you understand more about Child Development Centers.

What is a CDC/ Child Development Center?

A Child Development Center or CDC is a one-stop center for parents of children with special needs. The CDC will have experts like occupational therapists, speech therapists, special educators, psychologists, and other experts under one roof. At the center parents can get end-to-end services starting from screening to identify the correct problem to therapies required to treat the said problem. The best Child Development Centers are equipped with the latest techniques and technology that can help a child’s mental, emotional, and learning needs.

Importance of CDC

Each special needs child is unique and requires attention as per their personality and needs. It is important to have an early intervention for a child with a developmental delay or learning disability. Today, though schools are understanding and compassionate towards children with learning disabilities and other problems, they are not fully equipped to cater to their needs. Here, CDCs play a crucial role by assisting parents and schools in developing a systematic learning plan that is unique to each child. They also help in seamless transition for a child to adapt to regular school system

Below are 7 reasons why India needs to set up more Child Development Center/ CDC

1. Identify The Right Problem

A child can be a slow learner, have a specific learning disability, suffering from autism or cerebral palsy. It is important to identify the right problem so that necessary treatment can be started. Best CDCs will help parents and children identify the right problem and give guidance regarding the right course of treatment.

2. Early Intervention

Early intervention for special needs children will ensure a brighter future for them. If the signs of developmental delays are ignored or unaddressed, it will hamper the child's growth. The presence of A Child Development Center in a nearby location will ensure that the intervention starts at the right time.

3. Support Under One Roof

Fulfilling the requirements of special needs child is a team effort. A CDC will have various experts like psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, special educators, and many more in one place. Parents can avoid the hassle of visiting different places and avail the required services under one roof.

4. Equal Education Opportunity

Many children with special learning needs miss out on proper education because of mismatch between the education system and their unique needs. CDCs help bridge this gap and ensure that a child will learn the same curriculum in a different form. They will design the methodology as per each child’s needs and personality.

5. Helps With Social & Emotional Development

Children with special needs can have mood swings, anger issues, and other emotional issues. It can lead to difficulty in socializing and communicating with others. CDCs have experts to handle these social and emotional issues and help children overcome them. They help regulate emotions and strengthen their communication skills from the beginning. In turn, a child’s interpersonal relationships skills and conflict management skills improve.

6. Helps With Intellectual & Physical Development

A CDC’s program for children with special needs includes physical education and cognitive development. The experts at CDC will design games to improve their motor and cognitive skills. This will help the child to find balance, improve their lifestyle, make the correct judgment, and develop reasoning skills. These interventions help a child to become independent in the future.

7. Personal Attention

Each child with special needs is unique and needs attention and intervention as per their requirement. At the CDC, specialists will ensure individual attention to each child along with one-on-one sessions.

Parents must have easy access to CDCs so that a child's requirements do not become time-consuming and difficult. The presence of a Child Development Center in their vicinity will help curb some of the accessibility problems for parents.

Nele is a fast-growing child development center that caters to children with learning disabilities and developmental delays. The center has facilities like certified occupational therapists, speech therapists, special educators, and many more. It is one of the best learning centers in Rajarajeshwar Nagar, Bangalore.


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